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7 Natural Ways to Improve Memory and Concentration

Improve Memory, Improve Concentration, improve your memory
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Are you frustrated that you cannot recall necessary things?

Do you keep wondering things like “Only if I could remember things effortlessly, life would be much better?”

Are you asking Alexa “How to improve your memory?”

You are not alone. Research says 1 in 9 adults in the U.S experience memory loss in middle age.

Forgetfulness can interfere with daily life. For example, forgetting your anniversary or important office meetings. This forgetfulness can be mistaken for being uncaring and unprofessional.

So, how does one avoid this? Is there any way you can boost your memory and concentration?

Although memory is a genetic factor, research shows that you can improve your memory by changing your diet and lifestyle.

Why Choose Natural Ways to Boost Memory?

You can always take an artificial route to boost your memory or become a supercomputer if that’s your dream. For instance, consuming up a bunch of memory-improving supplements. But, these can do more harm than good.

Many medicines come with side effects, and you never know what side effects you will experience. So isn’t it better to be on the safe side and try natural ways?

Natural ways of boosting memory and concentration do not have any side effects. You can try them without worrying.

Let us look at some ways you can boost your memory naturally.

Easy ways to Boost Memory and Concentration

1. Meditation

Ahh, the joy of being silent away from the chit-chat of the world. Meditation has a calming and soothing effect on your mind. It also reduces blood pressure, stress, back pain and improves your memory.

A study says that meditation can improve the gray matter in your brain. This gray matter handles memory retention. Gray matter shrinks as you reach old age.

And, we know that “A sound mind resides in a sound body.” So, keep calm and meditate! (link to blog 1)

2. Exercise

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Exercising increases oxygen and nutrient delivery in your body. This helps in generating new brain cells responsible for memory functions.

A simple walking exercise can go a long way in improving memory and focus.

Dr. John Ratey from Harvard Medical School stresses the importance of aerobic exercises. He explains that aerobic exercises help increase oxygen and nutrients absorption. This improves performance on all fronts of life.

Kickstart your exercise routine today!

3. Add Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Diet

Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory food. Antioxidants help in reducing the free radicals in the brain. These free radicals are by-products of energy production. Not only this, they are the biggest contributors to memory loss.

Foods such as strawberries, green tea, and blueberries contain antioxidants. 

Increase the intake of antioxidants in your daily lifestyle and wait for the magic to happen!

4. Reduce Refined Carbs

Are you a die-hard lover of cake, cereals, white rice, cookies, or bread? If ‘YES’, it’s time to reduce the quantity of these foods in your life. You may ask, why?

Foods such as cake, bread, and cookies contain an exorbitant amount of refined carbohydrates. Your body digests these carbs at a very high speed. Thus spiking your blood sugar level to dangerous levels.

According to a study, the western diet is associated with Dementia and cognitive decline. Let’s bid goodbye to refined carbs to improve your memory and concentration.

5. Mental Exercises

Along with physical exercises, mental exercises are also vital for the healthy functioning of the brain. Sprinkle some brain games like crosswords, puzzles, and scrabble to exercise your brain muscles. (link to blog 2)

Your brain will start loving you more when you start learning new things.

6. Proper and Adequate Sleep

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. Isn’t it? But, times have changed. Today people are so busy jumping from one social media to another, watching late-night Netflix movies that they forget sleeping altogether.

While you are sleeping, your cells rejuvenate. It helps lower the stress in your body. Sleep is critical for the healthy function of your brain. When you skip sleep, you are automatically lowering your cognitive function, memory, and concentration.

So, what now? Get a good night’s sleep and see your memory and concentration hit new levels.

7. Socialize for Mental Stimulation

Socialize! Socialize! 

Funny? You might ask how can I increase memory and concentration by socializing? That makes little sense.

Socializing improves your cognitive development. Spending time with your friends and dear ones can make you happy. Combine socializing with playing group games, and you have the secret for improving memory and focus. This can challenge your brain and help you focus more. 

Socializing goes a long way in warding off stress and depression. Stress and depression are correlated to memory loss and lower concentration.

Thus, socializing and being happy should be your mantra for improving memory and concentration.


1. Is it possible to improve memory?

Yes, it is possible to improve your memory by changing your lifestyle. Exercising, reducing intake of processed carbs, socializing, brain games can contribute towards improved memory.

2. What foods to take to improve memory?

Foods that contain antioxidants like blueberries and strawberries can reduce free radicals in your brain and improve memory.

3. Why improve memory?

Forgetting small things such as birthdays, your car keys, or some important office work can disturb your life’s balance. People may not take you seriously. This can increase frustration and lead to a stressful life. By improving memory, you are improving the quality of your life.

4. What exercises improve memory?

Aerobic exercises help improve your memory. They increase oxygen and nutrient absorption in the body. This helps in generating new brain cells that contribute to improved memory.

5. What games improve memory?

Brain games such as scrabble, quiz, solving puzzles, chess, and crosswords are beneficial in improving your memory.

Taking steps to improve your memory needn’t be boring. There are many fun ways like the ones mentioned above to ramp up your memory and focus. Also, a lifestyle makeover can go a long way in creating a healthy and peaceful life.

Use the above tips and techniques to improve your memory and life. Let us know in comments if they’ve helped you in your endeavors. Also, for more insider tips, Join our newsletter now.

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