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Best Online Brain Games for Adults to Improve Memory in 2021

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Who doesn’t love a moment of solace and entertainment in the middle of the pandemic? I bet you do! 

When you have lots of time at your hand, the best way to utilize it is to do something that entertains and improves your life, simultaneously. And what’s better than spending some time on brain training games? 

Brain training games stimulate your mind and help you avoid common conditions such as memory loss.

Do you know? 
Adults who retire early show higher signs of cognitive decline as they have fewer interactions with other people and minimal brain stimulation. 

Forgetting things in old age can scare anyone. You don’t want to fall in line for a cognitive decline – a precursor to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Brain training through memory and brain games is the best way to keep your brain healthy as an adult. 

If you’re someone who loves challenging your brain and keeps busy, we’ve come up with an extensive list of the best brain games for kids and adults that will keep you pleasantly busy. 

Why Play Brain Games as an Adult? 

If you feel games are for kids, think again.  A research by Harvard Medical School suggests that brain games and memory exercises help increase memory reserves. 

Think of memory reserves as an emergency fund for rainy days (old age). Your emergency reserve helps build resilience against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia in your old age.

Learning new skills and indulging stimulating activities daily is the mantra to keep your brain healthy. 

No matter whether you read trivia facts, play word games or perform memory exercises, mental stimulation will help you keep mental decay at bay in your fading years. 

Best Online Brain Training Games on Android & iOS 

If you’re a fan of apps and online games, there are enough brain training puzzles online to keep you hooked. 

Online apps help you rekindle your brain when you’re too lazy to set up a board game, or simply don’t have a partner nearby to play offline games! 

Here are some interesting online apps for exercising and stimulating your brain quickly: 

1. Lumosity

Lumosity uses scientifically validated information to create brain-stimulating games for adults. 

Lumosity has all kinds of games focused at improving memory, attention to detail, increase in cognitive functions, etc.

It is one of the best online memory games available on iOS and Android devices.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

2. Peak

Peak is a free online memory game designed to give your brain a complete workout. 

It improves memory and critical thinking by challenging your brain in the form of fun games.

Download on iOS | Download on Android

3. Elevate

Elevate is a personalized online brain-stimulating gaming app. 

The app provides personalized training to improve the brain functions of the individual. 

It tracks your memory, concentration, cognitive function skills with a performance tracking feature. The app has both free and paid versions. 

Download on iOS | Download on Android


1. What are good games for adults that use the brain?

Offline games such as Chess, Crossword puzzles, Scrabble and online games such as Lumosity and Peak are good games for an adult that use the brain.

2. Are there any games for understanding problem-solving?

Yes. Sudoku is one such brain game that helps in understanding problem-solving. 

3. What are the benefits of free brain exercise games for adults?

Free brain exercise games for adults allow them to socialize with other people. It also enhances their memory and cognitive ability while giving their brain a workout!

4. What are the side effects of free brain exercise games for adults?

Although free brain exercise games are good for adults, many of them can get addicted to them. Furthermore, they may depend on these games to improve their moods all the time.

5. What are some good brain-training games for illiterate adults?

Illiterate adults can try brain-training games such as the Jigsaw puzzle and Chess. These games require no formal education or even a rich vocabulary to learn the game.

6. What games for Android or PC are healthy for an adult brain?

Lumosity, Cards games, Mensa Brain Training, Peak, Elevate are some of the Android brain games that are healthy adults to try out.

7. What are the best brain games for adults?

The best brain games for adults include Chess, Lumosity, Elevate, Sudoku, etc.

Get in the Game Mode & Improve Your memory today!  

Keeping your brain healthy as an adult might be tough but not an impossible task. The games listed above are suitable for you to play in the past time. 

Whenever you are bored, get hold of your favorite brain games and stimulate your brain! 

By the way, do you want to know more secrets for improving your memory?  

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