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The All-in-One Memory Training Course That Will Transform You Into A MEMORY GENIUS !!! (In Just 1 Week)

It may sound like science fiction, but using techniques from this course Dave Farrow memorized the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards, earning his latest and current Guinness Record to become An International Memory Champion.

Diagnosed as a teenager with ADHD and dyslexia, he created a powerful learning system to help him in school. Today, The Farrow Method is an international best-seller, proven to be 3x more effective than other memory learning methods, in a double-blind neuroscience study at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Dave continues to inspire others by teaching his powerful techniques to improve memory to millions of people through his over 2,000 radio and TV appearances and through his own programs. This comprehensive Memory Training Course taught by Dave Farrow is unique, combining traditional memory techniques as well as unique methods created exclusively by Dave Farrow to boost your memory.

You will learn unique brain training techniques that help you breeze through work that used to leave you frustrated and overwhelmed. Using the Farrow Method, you can learn faster, activate mental focus at will, recall with high accuracy, understand your brain chemistry to avoid mental fatigue, boost confidence, raise grades, impress others and more.  With the Farrow Method, you can avoid the embarrassment that comes from forgetfulness and be known for your super sharp memory!






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Learn the memory secrets

of 2-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory

The Farrow Method™ offers the very best program available today on Memory Improvement, Speed Learning, and Self-Directed Learning.

Proven in a McGill University neuroscience study, the first lesson in the Farrow Method™ will triple the audience’s memory. This live experience is so powerful, similar methods have been borrowed by the likes of Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris. Leaders like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and John F. Kennedy have also used these very techniques to impress followers, because a person’s name is the sweetest sound in the world to them.

Combining humor with science, this presentation includes activities that equip you with measurable success skills for leadership, sales, and business. After the course, many follow through and teach the secrets to their friends and family.

Sales teams, management, and executives all benefit from this unforgettable experience!

Meet your memory training course expert

Dave Farrow, the two-time Guinness Record holder for amazing memory

Dave Farrow is best known for his brainpower. Listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records for Greatest Memory. In this exclusive Memory training course Dave will share all his secrets. You will learn all the techniques that helped him get into the book of Guinness World Records.

Dave has personally been on over 2000 media interviews and travels around the world to teach people his unique “Farrow Method” memory techniques at packed seminars.

Many techniques that you will learn in this course are Farrow Exclusives – in other words they have been developed by Dave and are not available anywhere else. Dave is always researching new techniques and all these techniques are scientifically based as you will see in the course.

To earn the world record, Farrow recalled the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards using ‘The Farrow Memory Method’.

Dave Farrow (Portrait)

Why Learn From Dave ?

Guinness World Records Logo
Guinness World Records Logo

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What Farrow memory graduates have to say...

I used all the techniques I learned throughout the academic year. And thanks to your program, I went to a GPA of 3.6 in the fall semester, automatically placing me on the Dean's List. I couldn't believe I achieved that jump just one semester.
Claire Arretta
Ontario, Canada
Hi, my name is Shaun. I'm in sales from AppleWood Cheif Kera. Just wanted to say that I had a great time taking the Farrow Memory course, learn a lot, and it is very useful in sales. Helps me a lot with the customer's name, specially. Everybody should take this course and it's very formal and very different feature.
Sales Rep
I noticed improved focus and memory right away. I use the name technique daily and it always works for me. The FARROW MEMORY METHOD Program is a MUST for anyone wanting to make more money in their profession. Just your technique to remember names is worth the price of your program. Personally, I've made my investment back many times over applying the techniques in your program! Take this seriously because it really works
Robert Cotes
Robert Cotes
Owner/Operator, Management Development Group
Dave, words can't express how much your Farrow Memory Program has meant to me in school. As a Graduate student, the workload is enormous. Before your program, I was struggling just to survive in school. Now, I'm scoring 90-100% on all my exams, and my study time has been cut In Half! This means I can spend more time with my friends and family. I actually have a life now outside of school. I can honestly say your program is worth 10 times the cost!
Mandy Aubert
Graduate Student, South Western University, TX
I'm studying in honors science right now. I took the Farrow Memory course a few months ago and I've been listening to it on and off and it's really helped with schoolwork, understanding and definitely studying, it cuts back time and it's a great thing to have got it for Christmas for my mom. She was a bit hesitant at first but definitely when you pick it up and start watching it, you can tell it's gonna help you for sure.
Farrow Memory Graduate
Incredible! Amazing! I can't believe, I remembered that. It's really good! It's very impressive! My heart to tell you, this is real! This is not a trick at all.
Farrow Memory Graduate
I didn't really believe that it would work, but with only 4 hours of studying an entire semester's workload, I aced my final with a 98%. It was simple and fun....Thank you!
Dawn Shona Power
George Brown College, Toronto, Canada
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to succeed in the financial services industry.
Steve Code Farrow Memory
Steve Code
Freedom 55 financial regional director Pickering
Hi, I'm Jonathan Harry from AppleWood Cheif Kera. I'm a sales manager here. We recently put the majority of our sales staff through Dave's course and I've noticed that all the gentleman who have gone through the course not only have better memory to deal with the customer's name but also remember the dates of delivery, as well as the important information on contracts. Dave, thank you so much! Look forward to do future business with you.
Jonathan Harry
Sales Manager
Hi, I'm Gloria Smith. I really enjoyed Dave's Farrow Memory Course. Before I could remember many details, but not recall the ones I want, when I want to. This course really gave me the tools to do exactly that and I really appreciate it.
Gloria Smith
Farrow Memory Graduate

Program Features

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High-quality video and audio lessons

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Exercises, speed up drills and activity book included

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Activities and drills on each day to enhance skills

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Course Highlights

The Farrow Method™ offers the very best program available today on Memory Improvement, Speed Learning, and Self-Directed Learning.

Core Components:

  • Farrow Method Memory Techniques
  • Farrow Focus Burst Techniques
  • Current Brain/Neuroscience Findings
  • Speed Learning and Retention Strategies
Farrow Memory Ipad and Iphone (Infinite Memory)

Memory Training Course Curriculum

What you will learn

Farrow memory memory course

Farrow memory course curriculum

In the first module we will go over all the basics. How your brain works and what you can do to quickly jumpstart your unlimited memory. 

1 – Introduction – User Manual For Your Brain
2 – Recognition Test
3 – Triple Your Memory
4 – Triple Your Memory – Part 2
5 – Tiger In The Jungle
6 – Why You Missed A Link
7 – Three Principles Of Memory

Farrow memory course curriculum

We pick up the pace in module 1. We strengthen your memory and discuss the differences between short and long term memory. We end the module with an exciting quiz.

8 – A Stronger Memory
9 – Eye Pattern Cues
10 – Art And Science Of Memory
11 – Long And Short Term Strategies
12 – Memory Modes – Intro
13 – Memory Modes
Memory Modes – Quiz
Memory Modes – Answer Key

Farrow memory course curriculum

In module 3,  we learn about memory techniques like Shadow Memory, Encoding, and Word Substitution, all of which help you retain information faster and forever.

14 – Shadow Memory Questions
15 – Shadow Memory Deep Recall
16 – Encoding
17 – Encoding text
18 – Substitute Words
19 – Substitute Words – Advanced
20 – Review

Farrow memory course curriculum

We go over more Farrow Exclusive techniques that you will not find anywhere else. We also cover a powerful memory technique called The Journey Method.

21 – Memorize First 10 American Presidents
22 – Farrow Learning Styles
23 – Location Memory – Keys
24 – Pattern Interrupt – Techniques
25 – Journey Method – Groceries
26 – Journey Poem

Farrow memory course curriculumThese bonus chapters are my gift to you and my way of saying thank for purchasing the course.

BONUS – Number Techniques
BONUS – Farrow Focus Method

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus Training Video 1:

Number Techniques

Using the Farrow Number Technique you will be able to remember any number in an instant and impress all your friends by recalling phone numbers instantly.

Bonus Training Video 2:

Farrow Focus Method

Focus is key. This Farrow exclusive video will teach you techniques that will help you get rid of distractions and achieve your goals.

Bonus E-book 3:

Farrow Method Secrets

These methods are Farrow Exclusives and are not available anywhere else. Secret techniques that helped Dave get the Guinness Record.

Farrow Memory Brain Icon

Bonus Training Video 4:

Access to the Memory Lab Community

An advanced community where users from all over the world collaborate and share their memory techniques and discuss new tips and tricks.

Bonus Activity Book:

Essential Activity Book

An E-Book with additional techniques and training to give you an edge over the competition.

Bonus Activity Book:

Extended Activity Book

An addendum to the essential activity book that takes your memory skills to the next level. 

What Farrow memory graduates have to say...

Hi, I'm Jonathan Sprinkles from Austin, Texas. Some people know me as the connection coach because I teach people how to connect with their audiences. Well, you know, there's no better way for you to connect with the person across from you or a group of people than remember their favorite word, which is their name, and nobody is teaching you how to remember those little details that make all the difference in whether you make this sale or your competitor does, except my friend here Dave Farrow. Listen, if you want to make the difference in those little things, you know those little hands, small or big vendors. This is the man you wanna learn from. Hey! I gonna make sure, I do it. You better make sure, you do the same thing.
Jonathan Sprinkles
Connection Coach
The Farrow Memory has really helped me organize my life. I'm currently self employed and I can't afford to hire an assistant to help me keep track of all things I need to do. I'm really awful at writing to do list so, the Farrow Memory Method helps me keep all those things that I need to do. Organize in my brain and I can access them whenever I want to, as often as I want to and really that makes for better business. I'm more efficient, I'm more productive and optimal, and my life is happier.
Farrow Memory Graduate
After 40 minutes of Dave Farrow's exercises, I more than doubled my reading speed! 265 words per minute to over 800 words per minute. I comprehend and retain more of what I read, even technical information! This has been a real time saver. Thanks Dave.
Dave D’Silva
PMP, BMath, President, IMSG
That Farrow Memory Method course was really excellent. I've been in real estate for 18 years and there's nothing worst running for a client contract and not being able to remember their name or anything about them.
Farrow Memory Graduate
Hi, I'm Jennifer Scaife just taking this workshop on memory improvement with Dave. And I am a visual person. That's always been a technique I've relied on but his idea of integrating these three aspects three principles of memory into one aspect is great. I find it very helpful. And I know today I'm going to be able to go out and apply this. Thanks so much, Dave.
Jennifer Scaife
Farrow Memory Graduate

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Filipino (Tagalog) (Philippines)
Haitian Creole

Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Norwegian (Bokmål)
Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
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West Frisian

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We also provide an industry standard 128 bit SSL for your security. Let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to answer them.

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